Saturday, April 16, 2005

Faronia passes anti-spam legislation

Recently, the King of Faronia passed a Royal Decree clamping down on people and companies who send unsolicited e-mail to Faronian citizens. "Spam is annoying and something no one has to deal with. It is my hope that this decree will discourage spammers from sending their junk to Faronian citizens and, if they do, teach them a lesson. True, Faronians are a rather small majority in this world, but spammers have no idea if their target will be Faronian or not, so I believe that this will result in a general reduction in spam once people start taking advantage of it."

The decree appears to provide a three-strikes-and-you're-out system. The first time, the spammer is added to a Spammer Registry maintained by the National Court (The continually updated list can be seen on the Faronian forums in the National Court board.). Next, they are fined 2000 triven, half of which goes to the person they spammed. Spammers who do not pay up will be sent to jail. The third time, they'll be spending "a period of time...not to exceed three years nor be less than two weeks" in the Faronian Jail. At every step of the way, there is a chance for the offender to appeal, in which case the National Court will hold a trial to ascertain if they really did send the spam message.

Be afraid, spammers. Be very afraid.

Monday, April 04, 2005


Smith Palace
Faronia City

April 4, 2005

It is announced that the Kingdom of Faronia will be hosting an international summit to include King Carson and the Heads of States and/or Foreign Ministers of Faronia's closest allies: New Germany, Mahina, Natopia, Antica, and Sullifree.

The Six Party Summit, or "6PS" will take place on these forums beginning as soon as possible. The discussions will focus on effective utilization of human and other resources between our six great nations. The talks will be held in a forum in the "Loaned Forums" category which will be viewable by all visitors but only delegates will have posting rights.

News from the summit will be published in The Faronian Gazette, and in all likelihood, local newspapers from other nations will post summit news. Invitations will shortly be sent to the Foreign Ministries of all six nations. Each nation may send either its Foreign Minister or equivalent or Head of State as a delegate.

King of Faronia

Sunday, April 03, 2005

Several royal edicts passed

Today, Sunday April 3, 2005, the King of Faronia has passed several edicts. Here we'll take a look at the different edicts and what's contained in each and what it means for the Faronian people and the world.

Royal Proclamation: Mourning
This Proclamation declares a state of mourning for Pope John Paul II until his funeral, which is expected to happen some time this week. Like most other world leaders, the King felt a need to somehow publicly convey his sadness at the death of the late Pope, one of the longest-serving and also the most traveled pope. However, His Majesty struggled with just how to express himself. "Faronia does believe very strongly in separation of church and state, so I did not want to go overboard with commemorating a religious leader. I originally contemplated declaring a national holiday in honor of the Pope, as my Avalonian counterpart President Matthew Vasroixe did, but in the end I decided against it, not wanting to bring religion into government nor upset the Faronian Orthodox Church, the only church currently operating in Faronia. Nevertheless, the pope was a great leader for many, so I felt that a state of mourning would be acceptable," King Carson said in a telephone interview shortly after issuing the proclamation this morning. Basically, all flags will be flown at half-mast between now and the Pope's funeral.

Royal Decree: Census
This decree requires the Ministry of Home Affairs to conduct a census every four months, to which all citizens must respond. Citizens who do not respond will lose their citizenship.

Royal Decree: Citizenship Applications
This decree sets down the format for citizenship applications, which are to be handled by the Ministry of Home Affairs. It says that applicants for citizenship must provide their full name, contact details, and information on why they want to become a Faronian citizen.

Royal Decree: Legal Names
This decree addresses a topic which has occasionally been debated in other nations. It lays down the rules about what different groups' legal names are in Faronia:

  • The monarch's legal name is the one they ascend to the throne with. Thus, since the current name ascended to the throne with the name Carson Smith, his legal name is Carson de Smith.
  • Blood members of the Royal Family use their given first name and the King's last name. For example, if there was a Princess Esmeralda (which there is not), she would have Esmeralda de Smith as her legal name.
  • Persons who are adopted into the Royal Family have a hyphenated last name including their former, commoner name and the King's last name. For example, if King Carson adopted John Doe into the Royal Family, John Doe would become John Doe-Smith.
  • Persons who become Faronian citizens by naturalization have the name they applied with as their legal name.
  • People who become Faronian citizens by birth have as their legal name the name on their birth certificate.
  • Citizens of other nations have as their legal Faronian name their name used in other nations.
The decree also allows anyone to have their name changed by the National Court.

Royal Decree: Child Citizenship
This decree sets in place provisions for adoption, citizenship of children, and citizens of spouses of Faronian citizens. Children born to Faronian citizens and spouses of Faronian citizens gain Faronian citizenship, although children who become citizens by birth must make a decision for themselves on citizenship on their thirteenth birthday, a provision unique to Faronian law. "The idea behind that is that we aren't having citizens on the books who are inactive. In a macronation, of course, that wouldn't be necessary, but in a micronation it's different," says a royal spokesperson. Faronian citizenship is granted to children adopted by Faronian citizens, but in some cases the parents must first go to court before their children become citizens.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a website! (finally!)

At approximately 5:00 P.M. Faronian Standard Time (G.M.T.-5) today, Sunday, April 3, 2005, His Majesty the King emerged from the palace to a news conference looking tired but elated at the same time. His excitement was emerged in the first few minutes of the Faronia City news conference: "Ladies and gentlemen, I am pleased to announce that finally, the Kingdom of Faronia has a website." His Majesty told reporters that he labored for several hours this afternoon creating a comprehensive national website including a repository of all public records, a foreign affairs page, immigration information, and a number of relevant links.

The website is hosted by Freewebs, and can be found at The King tells us he used the Freewebs "WebsEdit" templates and made several custom modifications to suit Faronian needs.

The Palace has made it clear that it's goal is to serve the general public with this new website: "We have designed this website with Faronian citizens and tourists in mind. Any suggestions they have will be welcomed," King Carson said. Any suggestions may be sent to the government e-mail address -

Monday, March 21, 2005

Foreign Affairs Update

Treaty with Natopia signed
His Majesty recently began posting in the Sovereign Imperial Republic of Natopia, having known its citizens from Lavalon, and he really enjoyed his experience, so he spoke with a representative of their Foreign Ministry about a treaty between Faronia and Natopia. Grand Chancellor of Natopia Nathan Shepard agreed and the treaty was swiftly signed. In a nutshell, it basically says that Faronia and Natopia mutually recognize each other and they will never engage in hostilities against each other, and their citizens may travel freely between the two nations.

New citizen appointed Ambassador to New Germany
Recently, Faronia's second citizen, Katherine Abbess, also a Germanian citizen and the Mother of the Micronational Orthodox Church, received prospective citizenship status. As such, she is able to hold lower government office, and, after communicating her interest in serving in the diplomatic service to the King, was recently appointed as Faronian Ambassador to the Socialist State of New Germany. His Majesty expressed great confidence in her and told New German Provisional President Bartholomew Henzelli that Ambassador Abbess is "a delightful lady." It is hoped that under Her Excellency Ambassador Abbess, Faronia and the S.S.N.G.'s good relationship can be furthered.

Faronian phpBank Up and Running!

Recently, the Faronian economy began operation with the creation of the Royal Bank of Faronia on a phpBank system by Antican Dinarch Delphi Augustus. This will add an extra layer to Faronia and perhaps provide an incentive for people to join. "In any event, I'm absolutely thrilled with all of this. The system works great. I never expected it to be this good! Thank you so much, Delphi," an overjoyed King Carson told us at the Palace.

With the establishment of this system, any citizen or foreigner can now sell their wares and buy other people's goods. His Majesty, the Acting Minister of Economic Development, sees a real-goods economy in which citizens are trading services such as graphic/web design and law. Salaries for government officials are planned.

However, His Majesty tells us he still feels that we're only halfway there. "We need to structure the economy a bit more. Salaries for government officials need to be decided upon, and there will need to be some rules set in place for incorporation, etc. I'd encourage all Faronian citizens and foreigners to join in the discussion that will shortly be started in the Economic Development Ministry forum on these things. Once we've come to a general concensus, I can enact it in a Royal Decree. For now, though, I'm content to have things operating in a very free manner."

So, folks, it appears that capitalism has come to Faronia. Don't miss out on a chance to be part of an exciting economy! Head on down to and register an account today!

Saturday, March 19, 2005

Faronian activity lagging

As of late, activity in Faronia has been lagging. A promising new citizen, Todd L'Ecureuil, came along, very enthusiastic to work for Faronia and was appointed as Minister of Foreign Affairs by His Majesty King Carson. However, Mr. L'Ecureuil, one day later, P.M.ed the King, stating that he, a native speaker of French, barely understood any of what the King was saying (in English) and was revoking his citizenship. Since then, activity levels in Faronia have been low: there have been no posts to the Faronian forums for the past week.

It's quite clear that Faronia's activity problems stem from still being a one-man show. The government can function, because the King does have the power to pass Royal Decrees, but not to its full potential. The King has had little success recruiting. "I received an e-mail inquiry from one gentleman, but he decided he could not committ the time to being a member of a micronation, although I have tried to convince him that it really isn't all that much and we can work around his schedule," His Majesty tells us.

"I think part of our problem is that we're just your average, mainstream micronational monarchy," King Carson says, "We need something to set us apart from the rest. A theme would help, and I have considered converting us to an Asian monarchy. However, I'd like to investigate all possible opportunities first." We'd like to invite all micronationalists to post a comment to this article explaining what attracted them to the micronation(s) they hold citizenship in.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Free Mojtaba and Arash Day

I know I posted this at The View, but I feel it is important enough to do it again here.

Mojtaba Saminejad and Arash Sigarchi are two Iranian men who are in jail (to the best of my knowledge without due process) because the oppressive religious government of Iran took umbrage at some comments on their blogs. Tehran has been known to crack down on blogs and other high-profile websites that appear as anti-government (although whether some of these sites are anti-government is debatable), and as people who are very involved with internet communities where free speech is taken for granted, I'm sure we all understand how upsetting this is.

So, please post this on every blog you run today. Just a little message like "Free Mojtaba and Arash Day" will suffice. Think about how great an influence we can have if every blogger in the world posts to their blog about this. As Curt Hopkins, director of the Committee to Protect Bloggers put it, " could see that phrase 7.1 million times. That alone will shine some light on the situation."

Additionally, let's put pressure on the Iranian government to release these men. If you come from a country where there is an Iranian embassy or other diplomatic delegation, write to the local embassy urging them to release Mojtaba and Arash.

Faronia-S.S.N.G. treaty signed

This week, a treaty of mutual recognition and assistance was signed between the two new nations of the Kingdom of Faronia and the Socialist State of New Germany. Signed by His Majesty for Faronia and Provisional Head of Government Bartholomew Henzelli of New Germany, it provides for mutual recognition between the nations, extradition between the two nations, and mutual assistance. Citizens of both nations are encouraged to travel to their new ally, and Faronia will certainly welcome any New Germans who wish to have dual citizenship.

Also, discussions will soon be underway for diplomacy between Faronia and the Principality of Treisenberg, although this could be halted based on information available to the King that several very important Treisenbergers, including their Sovereign Prince, maintain "paper dolls," i.e., dual logins, which are frowned upon throughout the micronational community.

Monday, February 21, 2005

New forums online

Faronia's new forums are now online.

These forums are in phpBB format, hosted by the "Forumer" community.

The website will be updated shortly to reflect these changes.

Again, our very sincere apologies to those inconvenienced by this.

Faronian forums require recreate

Good day,

I have just made a huge mistake creating the Faronian forums. I deleted the database. I was in my control panel, and meant to delete something else but ended up deleting the forum database. Thank god there was nothing valuable in there. I will soon be putting up new forums, and I am very sorry for this.

Carson the First
King of Faronia